If your looking for the Rogue Spear Community you are in the right spot! Rogues Network was designed for the community, by xDaVIRUS. RSN (Rogues Network) is a reliable ladder system built into word press. Easy to manage, clean and simple. Best part is, its not built in 1999 like the Game was.

Rogue spear is an Old game, However from the help of several different people we were able to get it all working on ALL Operating Systems. Please take a look at the Downloads Page to get the latest builds in 2018. All in one RS Installs sponsored by SCN8. If you already have everything running, GREAT! Make an account, validate your email address, Make a team and Rogue On! You can find that the Report and Confirm section is consolidated into one Page, “Match Results” found under Ladders Menu. Please PAY ATTENTION. Respect the rules of the site, game and there will be NO problems.

Good Luck and Have Fun!



Please take a moment and look over the rules page.
Rules are changing, How you report/confirm and play.
This is NOT just another ladder. There are rules that need to be paid attention to as this is not RSL, BQL or any other ladder.
Pay attention!



Sorry for the Inconvenience

So after a few headaches and late night with trying to figure out what is going on, the webhost and I pin pointed the errors. They were coming from a plugin that has been trusted for years called Ultimate Member. […]


Happy 4th!

RSN wants to wish everyone a Happy 4th ! Have fun and be Safe!


Updates In Progress

Few things are in the works, you may find their will be more information then needed as of now. We are working the kinks and everything out over again after this new update. The theme will change. Main updates include […]